b. 1991


2012 - Poor Unfortunate Souls, Espionage Gallery, Adelaide


2017 - The Finalists - Emma Hack Art Prize, Burnside Village, Adelaide

2016 - Loreto SpringART Fair, Loreto College, Marryatville

2016 - Six Contemporary Painters, Floating Goose Studios, Adelaide

2013 - Athena Nochua, Espionage Gallery, Adelaide

2012 - The Game, Tooth and Nail Gallery, Adelaide

2012 - About  Face, Espionage Gallery, Adelaide

2012 - Ingrained, Espionage Gallery, Adelaide

2012 - Winter, Espionage Gallery, Adelaide

2012 - This Is It, These Walls Don't Lie Gallery, Adelaide

2012 - Les Dessinatrices, Espionage Gallery, Adelaide


2013/2014 - Private oil painting instruction with Robin Eley for one year, Adelaide

2013 - The Business of Art with Michael Zavros, Kim Buck and Robin Eley, Art Academy, Adelaide

2013 - Drawing a Life with David Kassan, Art Academy, Adelaide

2013 - Oil Painting Workshop with Robin Eley (scholarship)


Semi Permanent Book, 2013

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